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Real nappies

Real nappies

If you are thinking of using real nappies, but aren't sure which type to buy or whether they will suit your lifestyle, why not see if a Devon Real Nappy Project trial kit is available?

There are trial kits available for residents in the area to borrow. The kits are available to borrow for up to one month, and contain everything parents will need - a variety of nappies and wraps in different shapes, styles, and fabrics, and a comprehensive guide on how to use, wash, and care for the nappies. An advisor will give parents a demonstration and will be on hand to offer advice throughout the trial. There is no obligation to buy once the trial has finished.

The use of the trial kit is completely free, although the advisor will keep a £50 holding cheque during the time that you have the trial kit. The cheque will not be cashed, and will be returned to you when the trial is over and the kit is returned in a reasonable condition. General wear-and-tear of the products is expected, but you will be charged if items are missing or if they are badly damaged when returned.

For more information about the trial kits, or to see if one is available to borrow, you can submit your details at the Nappy Project Advisor Register. You may also qualify for a discount of up to 15% off your first purchase of real nappies.

To find out more about the Devon Real Nappy Project and the benefits of using modern washable nappies, please see the Recycle Devon website - Why real nappies?