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We have partnered up with a whole range of public sector and voluntary organisations to bring advice and information events to a town or village near you. If you want to speak to someone face to face at a location near to you, why don't you attend a West Devon Connect event?

What is West Devon Connect?

Connect is an outreach service delivered by the Council and over 30 partner organisations.

What does West Devon Connect do?

This multi-agency approach delivers information, access to services and advice direct to a town or village near you by holding events, drop in sessions and community days.
We also attend local events such as coffee mornings, rural shows and markets to bring the services closer to where you live.

What can West Devon Connect help me with?

When you attend an event the person you speak to will act as a referral service and put you in touch with the right people to help you. This could be anything from debt advice and benefit entitlement to applying for a bus pass, or enquiring about a water meter for your property.

When is the next event near me?

Follow the links below for details of upcoming event. For up to the minute updates follow us on Twitter: @SHWDConnect