On 24 February 2020, we began providing a black sack collection once every three weeks on a trial basis to around a thousand households.

Why are you trialling 3-weekly collections?

We now accept foil, cartons, printer cartridges and more plastics for recycling. Find out more here. This means that there is very little going in the black sacks.

We will still be collecting food waste and recycling every week. If you need additional containers for your recycling you can request them here.

What about nappies, incontinence products and offensive waste?

We understand that some residents have unavoidable waste that cannot go in the food caddy or recycling containers. It is important to store this waste correctly between collections. To do this:

  1. Double bag your waste before placing in your black sacks.
  2. Store the waste in a closed container outdoors between collections.
  3. Consider purchasing a short dustbin to present your black sacks in for collection. Dustbins must be less than 1m tall. You can purchase dustbins from a variety of outlets locally.

☑If you have a baby or toddler in nappies, have you considered switching to real nappies? They are much better for the environment, as well as better for babies comfort and health.

To find out more about real nappies, visit Recycledevon.org/nappies

Not sure what's being collected this week?

Please refer to the table below or go to the Find my Collection Day page.

WeekRecycle boxes
and sacks
Food WasteBlack Sacks
28 Dec to 3 Jan *
4 to 10 Jan *
11 to 17 Jan *
18 to 24 Jan
25 to 31 Jan
1 to 7 Feb
8 to 14 Feb
15 to 21 Feb
22 to 28 Feb
1 to 7 Mar
8 to 14 Mar
15 to 21 Mar
22 to 28 Mar
29 Mar to 4 Apr*
5 to 11 Apr*
12 to 18 Apr*
19 to 25 Apr
26 Apr to 2 May

 * Bank holiday collection day changes may apply, please check our website nearer the time for more details. West Devon Recycles Logo