The 2020 West Devon Borough Council's Mayoral Awards are now open.

Cllr Tony Leech

The Borough Council is looking for outstanding people who deserve public recognition for their unpaid work or contribution.  Whether an individual, group or an organisation, the Council wants to hear about them.

The Mayoral Awards have now been running for an amazing 22 years, and have celebrated the achievement of a wide range of people who have done something significant to benefit the Borough.  Some past winners have enhanced the reputation of West Devon nationally, while others have contributed hugely to the conservation and protection of the Borough's beautiful natural environment.

There are three categories of award which are:

•             The Mayor's Green Award

•             The West Devon Mayoral Award (Under 18)

•             The West Devon Mayoral Award (Over 18/ Organisation)

The Green Award covers a wide range of environmental or sustainable areas, such as recycling or green transport.  If you know someone who has 'green fingers' or is doing their bit towards Climate Change, then this is where to celebrate their achievements.

Mayor of West Devon, Cllr Tony Leech, said: "I'm sure we all know of people and groups who work on fantastic projects that help those around them.  These people are often unassuming and do their work because they enjoy it and not because they expect reward or praise.  This is our chance to show them how much they are appreciated so that I, on behalf of the Borough, can thank these wonderful heroes and show them just how appreciative we are."

"We really want to see lots of nominations in every category, but especially for our younger residents in the Under-18 Category.  There are so many young adults in the Borough who are making such valuable contributions to their communities that we don't know about."

The judges, who will include the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, will have a difficult job of judging the nominations. The winners will receive their awards at a ceremony on Tuesday 24 March.

If you know someone who you think would be deserving of an award, then please complete a nomination form giving us details of why you think they should receive one.

To access the nomination forms and for more information visit:

Nominations close at midnight on 28 February 2020.


Issued: 17 January 2020