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Local Land Charges and Local Authority Searches

This page can help you if you need to find out what restrictions or obligations are recorded against a property and/or land using the Local Land Charges Register or a Local Search. All Local Authority Search results are fully insured and assured in perpetuity.

Land Charges Service Update

The council will be working as normal because staff can work from home however we need to help support you as customers and reduce any risk so to that end we are changing our procedures with immediate effect as shown below:

Personal searches and EIR data will be emailed through to prevent the need to access the council offices however turnaround times will be increased to between 5 and 10 working days (this will be kept under review). This is the same for all search types and we hope it will allow for continuation of the services whilst allowing for potential staff sickness as well as scheduled leave.

Please allow additional time for us to fulfil requests for copy documents as well. It will not necessarily be possible to send documents by return and 5-10 working days is going to be more likely, especially if the documents are in paper archives at the council offices. Please be aware that it might eventually be the case that we will be unable to provide any documents held in office based archives and not already scanned.

These arrangements will remain in place until we are advised otherwise.

What is a Local Land Charge?

A local land charge is a restriction or obligation on a property or piece of land, usually to limit how it is used or perhaps to secure payment of a sum of money owed to the Council relating to the property. These restrictions are binding on successive owners or occupiers of the property or piece of land.

What is the Local Land Charges Register?

The Local Land Charges Register contains all the Local Land Charges entries for every property within the area covered by the Council.

The information held includes information about whether the land or property:

  • Is a listed building
  • Is in a conservation area
  • Has a Tree Preservation Order on trees within the search subject property
  • Has a planning consent with conditions that must be adhered to

This list is not exhaustive.

What is a local search?

A local search normally has two parts:

  • LLC1 search.       

A search of the local land charges register looking for all the charges that affect the property.

  • A CON29 search.

This is a standard set of questions that cover planning history, building control application history, highways, Public Rights of Way and other matters such as planning enforcement issues and pending matters that could affect the property in some way.

There is a further form known as the CON29O which contains 19 optional questions. These cover other types of information including:

  • National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Food safety notices
  • Common land

Your solicitor can advise you if these questions are sensible to ask.

How much does a search cost?

How do I apply?

Apply for a Local Search

Please note a Local Land Charges search is only completed on the actual property being searched, it does not provide information on adjoining or surrounding land. If you require this information please contact us.

Personal Searches

Personal searches of the Local Land Charges Register are available under Section 8 of the Local Land Charges Act 1975.

  • This is an alternative to the Council undertaking the search for you
  • There is no charge for inspection of the Register however knowledge is required about how the Register works and what the information means
  • These searches are usually undertaken by personal search companies

Please call or email the Local Land Charges team to book an appointment. You will also need to send us a plan showing the property to be searched clearly outlined in red.

Appointments are usually 5 working days from the request being made. There is no limit to how many searches can be undertaken during an appointment.

Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) requests

The Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) allow for inspection of environmental information held by public bodies including the Council.

  • There is no charge for inspection of the records
  • Please allow up to 20 working days for the information to be made available.

Please contact us with your request and we will arrange for it to be dealt with. You can email

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