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Our Constitution

West Devon Borough Council has a Constitution, a written legal document that guides the Council on its decision-making processes.

An introduction to our Constitution

The Constitution sets out:

  • How the Council operates
  • How decisions are made
  • The procedures the Council must follow.

We follow these strict procedures to ensure that we are efficienttransparent, and accountable to local people.

Some of these processes are required by law, while others are a matter for the Council to decide. The Constitution is ultimately approved by the full Council.

For a copy of the Council's Constitution please use the links below.


1. Contents (PDF) [428KB] (opens new window)


2. Definitions (PDF) [212KB] (opens new window)

Part 1 - Summary and Explanation 

3. Summary and Explanation (PDF) [196KB] (opens new window)

Part 2 - Articles of the Constitution

Article 1 - The Constitution (PDF) [104KB] (opens new window)

Article 2 - Members of the Council (PDF) [127KB] (opens new window)

Article 3 - Citizens and the Council (PDF) [200KB] (opens new window)

Article 4 - The Council (PDF) [177KB] (opens new window)

Article 5 - The Mayor (PDF) [115KB] (opens new window)

Article 6 - Hub Committee (PDF) [241KB] (opens new window)

Article 7 - Regulatory Bodies, Committees, Panels and Working Groups (PDF) [201KB] (opens new window)

Article 8 - Overview and Scrutiny (PDF) [268KB] (opens new window)

Article 9 - Joint Arrangements (PDF) [201KB] (opens new window)

Article 10 - Officers (PDF) [212KB] (opens new window)

Article 11 - Decision-Making (PDF) [281KB] (opens new window)

Article 12 - Finance Contracts and Legal Matters (PDF) [189KB] (opens new window)

Article 13 - Review and Revision of the Constitution (PDF) [10KB] (opens new window)

Article 14 - Suspension, Interpretation and Publication of the Constitution (PDF) [105KB] (opens new window)

Part 3 - Responsibility for Functions

Part 3(a) Officer Delegation (PDF) [363KB] (opens new window)

Part 3(b) - Delegation to Council and Other Bodies (PDF) [549KB] (opens new window)

Part 4 - Rules of Procedure

(1) - Council Procedure Rules (PDF) [685KB] (opens new window)

Remote Meeting Procedure Rules (PDF) [134KB] (opens new window)

(2) - Access to Information Procedure Rules (PDF) [163KB] (opens new window)

(3) - Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules (PDF) [277KB] (opens new window)

(4) - Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules (PDF) [380KB] (opens new window)

(5) - Financial Procedure Rules (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)

(6) - Contract Procedure Rules (PDF) [633KB] (opens new window)

(7) - Officer Employment Procedure Rules (PDF) [123KB] (opens new window)

(8) - Hub Committee Procedure Rules (PDF) [130KB] (opens new window)

(9) - Rules for Other Bodies of the Council (PDF) [303KB] (opens new window)

Part 5 - Codes and Protocols

Part 5(a) - Members' Code of Conduct (PDF) [673KB] (opens new window)

Part 5(b) - Officers' Code of Conduct (PDF) [286KB] (opens new window)

Part 5(c) - Protocol on Member/Officer Relations (PDF) [228KB] (opens new window)

Part 5(d) - Members' Planning Code of Practice (PDF) [341KB] (opens new window)

Part 6 - Members' Allowances Scheme

33. Members’ Allowances Scheme (PDF) [696KB] (opens new window)

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