The Dog Control Orders came into effect on 22 October 2014.

The Order covers the following areas; Dog Exclusion, Dogs on Leads, Fouling of Land by Dogs and Dogs on Leads by Direction. A copy of these orders, along with associated maps, can be downloaded from the right of this page.

We know the vast majority of dog owners are law abiding but when the minority misbehave it can have a big impact on our community.  Current legislation on dog fouling is contained in the Dog (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 and the Council's Dog Warden patrols locations reported as having dog fouling problems.

Currently, there are a number of different byelaws which are old and out of date, as well as national legislation, and the combination of the two can lead to confusion.  The introduction of a borough wide Dog Control Order will replace existing byelaws and legislation in relation to dog walking and dog fouling.

The orders will regularise the rules on where dogs can and cannot go. They will also make it clear when and where dogs must be on leads and formalise the Council's anti fouling policy. This streamlined approach should help make the rules clear for everyone.

The orders also help the Council to carry out enforcement where necessary.