Council Tax Reduction (CTR) is a scheme to help people on a low income pay their Council Tax Bill by reducing the amount they have to pay.


What is the Council Tax Reduction Scheme?

The Council Tax Reduction scheme is a local scheme which replaces what used to be called Council Tax Benefit. To qualify you must be on a low or limited income and be the person responsible for paying the bill. You will not normally qualify for a reduction if you have savings and/or investments of more than £6,000.

Our scheme is for working-age customers. By working age we mean anyone who has not reached the qualifying age for State Pension Credit.

For customers who have reached the age to claim State Pension Credit the Government's national scheme continues and no changes have been made.   

Like Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction is means-tested.  This means that we need details about your income and capital to work out how much we can award.

How does the scheme work?

There is a limit on Council Tax Reduction

This means that all working age customers have to pay some part of their Council Tax bill.  Depending on the level of income and capital the maximum award for Council Tax Reduction would be 85% of the Council Tax liability.

Limiting Council Tax Reduction to a Band D charge

This means that if you claim Council Tax Reduction and live in a band E, F, G or H property, the maximum Council Tax Reduction you can receive is 85% of a band D charge for the parish that you live in.

Exceptional Hardship Fund

This is a fund to offer short-term help to customers who get Council Tax Reduction but who are still struggling. If an application is made and is successful there will usually be a one-off payment towards your Council Tax account.

What if I have problems paying?

Council Tax, like your rent or mortgage, is a priority bill. If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax then there are a variety of ways we may be able to help. Don't wait until you get your bill. Contact us now if you think you will have difficulty paying.

Rearranging you Council Tax payment

We can spread your payments over 12 months or change the payment date to suit when you get paid.

Making sure you are claiming the right benefits and discounts

We can check to make sure you are claiming all the right benefits and check if you have been given the right discounts on your Council Tax bill.

Reducing other bills, budgeting and debt advice

We work in partnership with free independent debt advice agencies. These organisations can provide you with practical help and advice on how you can maximise your income, deal with your debts or give help with budgeting. If you would like to be referred to an agency, you need to contact us first.

There are also other organisations who may be able to help.