Virtual parking with an online portal that you can manage

From now on any resident who lives in South Ham or West Devon who pays for parking permits, would like to apply for parking permits, or who would like to change their parking permit, can do so online.

Cllr Robert Sampson, Lead Member for Commercial Services at West Devon Borough Council, said: "Gone are the days when parking permits were bits of paper that you stick in your windscreen.  Following the introduction of virtual permits we wanted to make it even easier for our residents to manage their permits themselves.  We are aware that many households have multiple permits for different reasons, for work, for home, for their sibling or visitors.  This new permit portal gives all our residents the power to manage all their permits from the comfort of  their own home, on a mobile phone, tablet or home PC at any time of the day they wish."

Both authorities have been encouraging residents to manage their contact with the Council through the internet for some time now.  This has seen the number of online transactions jump by 140% in the last 12 months. 

Cllr Rufus Gilbert, Executive Portfolio Holder for Commercial Services at South Hams District Council said: "We all live in a 24/7 society now, where we expect to be able to interact with companies and do business with companies at our own convenience.  By introducing this new portal we are not only giving our residents the ability to do exactly that, but we are also saving them valuable taxpayers money. If simple transactions can be can be carried out online by customers, our officers have more availability to concentrate on the more complex issues. I think everyone can agree, the more streamlined and efficient the Council can be the better this is for the Taxpayer."

Anyone wanting help to register for their parking permit is welcome to come to reception at one of the Council Officers for help.  Or visit and to sign up today.