The SeaMoor Lotto website is now up and running, so charities and good causes can now sign up

The SeaMoor Lotto web-portal was launched at two events last week, where South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council welcomed nearly 70 individuals from a variety of charities and good causes from across the area.

Also on hand to pledge their support were TV personality and Scientist, Dr Adam Hart Davis, together with local author Clare Helen Welsh.  Clare and also Michael Morpurgo both donated books for the good causes to auction off.

During the two days, 15 charities signed up, with many more taking the information back to their committees, boards and partners for approval.

The first charity to sign up was Dartmoor Zoo, swiftly followed by the New Tavistock Youth Café, Ash Rescue Centre and South Dartmoor Community Energy.

Cllr Philip Sanders, Leader of West Devon Borough Council, said: "Our launch days have proved to be very successful and have shown us that there is public support for this important and exciting venture. I am looking forward to seeing this initiative support our communities and voluntary organisations over the coming years."

Ben Speare, from Gatherwell, the organisation who will run the lottery on behalf of the councils said: "I believe we offer a fantastic platform, which gives the good causes and charities all of the material that they need to be able to sell tickets and raise money for themselves.

"It was lovely to meet so many people from South Hams and West Devon and to see them sign-up, and start on a great journey.  It costs the charities nothing to join - the only commitment we ask of them is that they agree to promote the website, where their supporters can buy tickets."

Cllr John Tucker, Leader of South Hams District Council added: "For some special events, Christmas, Easter, anniversaries, we will also be offering one off prizes, in addition to the top prize of £25,000.  This could be days out to local attractions, meals at local restaurants or digital freebies like iPads.  This has worked very well for other councils, to help them and their good causes to raise awareness."

Nigel Ashton from Aylesbury District Council, the first council to run a council lottery with Gatherwell said: "At Aylesbury we now have over 150 charities benefitting from our Vale Lotto.  I can confidently tell you that every single one of them is happy they signed up. We had two good causes who signed up just last week, that is two years after we launched our lotto, and they are sad that they left it so long, because they have missed out on two years of funding.

"Our charities and good causes include, the Great Brickhill Cricket Club, who so far have raised approximately £2990 a year, they use this money to invest in junior coaching. Carers Bucks have also raised £1170 a year, which goes towards supporting the wellbeing of unpaid family carers.  Every ticket costs a pound and for every pound they sell for their good cause, they get 50% of the money.  We've got grandparents in Scotland who buy tickets to support their grandkids sports clubs and we see many people who win prizes donate them back to the good cause they support."

Tickets will go on sale on 27 June and the first draw of the SeaMoor Lotto will be on 4 August.  Supporters will be able to go online and buy tickets at a cost of £1 per week.  Each ticket consists of six numbers and as with many other lotteries, the more numbers you match the bigger the prize.  You can buy tickets for multiple or single causes. 50% of your ticket price goes to the charity you are supporting, 10% goes to the Council's good cause fund, for them to distribute to local good causes not signed up to the lottery, and 20% goes to Gatherwell to cover running costs.

It is never too late to sign up, even after the first draw, but the sooner a charity signs up the sooner they can start raising money.

To sign up, charities, community groups and good causes can visit the SeaMoor Lotto website and click on 'Are you a good cause' for more information and to join.