The flexibility of this permit allows you to park in various car parks in West Devon Borough.

This permit is not vehicle specific and so allows the holder to transfer the permit between vehicles.

What is an Annual Business Permit?

  • An Annual Business permit is a paper permit that must be displayed in the windscreen of a vehicle.
  • The permit can be sold to named businesses rather than issued to an individual vehicle registration. This would allow you to transfer the permit between vehicles.
  • Permits may not be sold onto or rented out to a third party.
  • The price for a permit is £650.00 per year (inc. VAT).

Apply for an Annual Business Permit

If you would like to apply for an Annual Business Permit, you can do this here.

Please note - If you would like to put the name of your business on the permit, enter this in the Vehicle Registration (VRM) box. You will need to complete all the fields below the VRM, including the Make, Model, Colour and Type of your vehicle. This is not car specific so you can put anything in the boxes (do not use 1N/A).

Where can I park? 

You can park in the following car parks:



Abbey car park

Bedford car park

Riverside car park

Upper Level of Brook Street car park


Mill Road car park

ChagfordChagford car park
HatherleighHatherleigh car park