Today Councillors at West Devon made the decision to go-ahead with a new service which shifts the emphasis away from waste disposal to recycling.

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Recycling more and throwing away less reduces the impact on the environment by using less energy in production and distribution and making best use of our resources.

From October this year, the Council will be introducing an improved recycling service, so that every household can recycle a lot more materials at the kerbside, such as: plastic pots, tubs, trays, cardboard drink cartons and foil.

For a small number of households, black sack collections will take place every three weeks, with recycling and food still being collected every week.

Cllr Caroline Mott, West Devon Borough Council's Lead Member for the Environment said: "We have a duty to do something now to protect our planet.  Residents have been asking us for a long time to improve our waste and recycling service, and to enable them to put out more materials for recycling, such as more plastics, tetrapaks and foil.

"The trial of the three weekly black bag collection is the next logical step.  If your dry recycling and food waste is collected every week, and you recycle everything that you can, then there will hardly be any waste to go in your black bin.

"For some residents there may be a fear of smell or vermin when waste is stored. However, all food waste and dry recyclables will continue to be collected on a weekly basis.

"Climate change and biodiversity loss are real threats to our world and we have to do our best, in every way we can, to make a difference. Part of this is to make the best use of our planet's resources by reducing, reusing and recycling what we use."

Across the country increasing the amount of materials that can be collected from the kerbside has been proven to reduce the amount of black bag waste that is thrown away. 

The trial will help the Council understand the issues for people in flats and with large quantities of non-recyclable waste, such as nappies. 

Are you passionate about recycling and helping your community to recycle more?  Would you like to become one of your Council's valued recycling champions?  You could play a vital part in our educational campaign to help your community learn more about what can and cannot be recycled.  The new increased recycling scheme will begin in October. 

If you are interested in helping us please email: