It's Safe to Talk - Suicide Intervention Briefings for Workers in South and West Devon
The first in a series of Suicide Intervention Briefings has been held at South Hams District Council, with further sessions due to take place at West Devon on Thursday 29 November.
West Devon Borough Council Joins Countdown to Purple Tuesday
West Devon Borough Council (WDBC) has announced it will join and support local retailers in marking Purple Tuesday, the UK's first accessible shopping day.
Do you get a discount on your Council Tax?
This year West Devon Borough Council is proposing a number of changes to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme and have put together a list of options which they would like customers to comment on.
Comment on 'main modifications' to Joint Local Plan
People across West Devon, South Hams and Plymouth will be getting another chance to comment on changes made to the area's Joint Local Plan.
Hasn't Your Pumpkin Suffered Enough?
End the horror and recycle your pumpkin this Hallowe'en. As if Hallowe'en wasn't scary enough, did you know that UK households produce around 7 million tonnes of food waste every year costing the average family about £60 per month?
Universal Credit Roll Out Complete in West Devon
Universal Credit has now been fully implemented in West Devon. This means that anyone who wants to make a new claim for Housing Benefit will now be applying for Universal Credit instead.
In conjunction with the Institute of Customer Service, South Hams District and West Devon Borough Councils are embracing National Customer Service Week (1-5 October 2018).
Another Successful Year for Junior Life Skills
Members, staff and partners at West Devon Borough Council are celebrating another great year of the Junior Life Skills events.
Recycle Week: This is the year Devon said, 'We Do!'
This Recycle Week, Devon residents are being challenged to build on our impressive recycling rate by double checking their recycling.
Devon and Cornwall Alert - Are you Signed Up?
West Devon Borough Council is urging residents to sign up to the free Devon and Cornwall Alert Service provided by Devon and Cornwall Police.