End the horror and recycle your pumpkin this Hallowe'en.


In West Devon almost a quarter of all waste put into black rubbish sacks is food  - despite West Devon Borough Council providing weekly kerbside collections for this - but as Hallowe'en approaches you could make a huge difference with one simple change: when you're finished with your pumpkin, make sure you cut it into smaller chunks and then home compost it or put it in your food caddy.

Any kind of food waste can be placed in your food caddy, whether cooked or uncooked. You can line your caddy with any bag, such as cereal bags, bread bags, salad bags and so on. Alternatively you can line your caddy with newspaper or leave the food loose. The food waste is used to create electricity for the national grid and the by-product is used as a soil conditioner for use on local farms.

Cllr Caroline Mott, West Devon Borough Council's Lead Member for Environment, said: "It's truly scary to see so many pumpkins being wasted at Hallowe'en, when they could easily be composted.  If you don't have a compost bin or food caddy please visit our website or offices for more information on how to obtain them."

And if you're wondering what to do with the inside of your pumpkins? Well, why not make some delicious pumpkin soup, pie or curry? The possibilities are endless - just search pumpkin on www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/recipes

Don't let your pumpkin become another Hallowe'en horror - recycle for West Devon!

Issued: 22 October 2019