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Requesting Copies of Documents

Land Charges Service Update

The council will be working as normal because staff can work from home however we need to help support you as customers and reduce any risk so to that end we are changing our procedures with immediate effect as shown below:

Personal searches and EIR data will be emailed through to prevent the need to access the council offices however turnaround times will be increased to between 5 and 10 working days (this will be kept under review). This is the same for all search types and we hope it will allow for continuation of the services whilst allowing for potential staff sickness as well as scheduled leave.

Please allow additional time for us to fulfil requests for copy documents as well. It will not necessarily be possible to send documents by return and 5-10 working days is going to be more likely, especially if the documents are in paper archives at the council offices. Please be aware that it might eventually be the case that we will be unable to provide any documents held in office based archives and not already scanned.

These arrangements will remain in place until we are advised otherwise.

Local Land Charges can access a wide range of documents relating to a search and, in most cases, it is possible for you to purchase copies of these documents.

How do I obtain copy documents?

If you need to obtain copies of documents relating to a search contact us using

The price for each type of document varies so in order to get the best level of help please contact us in the first instance.

What documents can the Council provide?

The following documents are available:

  • Planning agreements such as Section 106, Section 52 and Unilateral undertakings
  • Section 38 Highway adoption agreements
  • Planning decision notices
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Enforcement Notices
  • Listed Building Enforcement Notices
  • Listed Building designations
  • Conservation Area designations
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest designations
  • Special Areas of Conservation designations

Most planning decision notices dating from 1998 onwards can be found on our website. Please use Search for a Planning Application.

Further information

When you contact us, we will tell you:

  • If the documents can be provided (some might not be archived in a way that will allow a copy to be made),
  • How much it will cost, and
  • How you can pay for your copies

You can contact us using

Building Control documents

For copies of Building Control Applications or Completion Certificates please contact the Devon Building Control Partnership.

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