The Council does not accept cheques. Please pay by card or BACS.

Please email requests to and remember to attach a location plan showing the property outlined in red.

BACS Details:

  • Lloyds Bank
  • Sort Code: 30-98-69
  • Account number: 40072360

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Fee (Excluding VAT)


Total Fee

Form LLC1 only £10.00nil£10.00
Extra Parcel of land for LLC1 only £2.00nil£2.00
Form CON29 only £64.85£12.97£77.82
Extra Parcel of land for CON29 only £13.00£2.60£15.60
Full Search LLC1 and CON29 £74.85£12.97£87.82
Extra Parcel of land for a Full Search (LLC1 and CON29) £15.00£2.60£17.60
Form CON29O Questions (Pipelines, flood defences, Common Land etc,)See below   
Expedited Search LLC1 only £2.00nil£2.00
Expedited Search CON29 only £28.00£5.60£33.60
Expedited Search service Full SearchResult will be issued on the third working day after receipt. Please check with us before requesting this service.£30.00£5.60£35.60
Solicitor's own question £20.00£4.00£24.00
LLC1 Cancellation fee (if cancelled after 4 p.m. on day of submission) £1.00nil£1.00
CON29 Cancellation fee (if cancelled after 4 p.m. on day of submission) £19.00£3.80£22.80
Cancellation fee LLC1 and CON29 (if cancelled after 4 p.m. on day of submission) £20.00£3.80£23.80

Personal Searches of the Local Land Charges Register (appointment required)

Other CON29 data available for inspection by appointment. Please allow up to 20 working days. You can also check the Council's website for some of the data you require.

Refined CON29 information is available on request by email or post. Replies will be emailed. A small charge is made for each question - see the list below for more details.

 No charge for data inspection at Council Offices.  

CON29O Questions

Q4Road proposals by private bodies£8.40£1.68£10.08
Q6Completion Notices£3.90£0.78£4.68
Q7Parks and Countryside£1.05£0.21£1.26
Q9Houses in Multiple Occupation£2.10£0.42£2.52
Q10Noise abatement£2.10£0.42£2.52
Q11Urban Development Areas£2.10£0.42£2.52
Q12Enterprise Zones, Local Development Orders and BIDs£2.10£0.42£2.52
Q13Inner Urban Improvement Areas£2.10£0.42£2.52
Q14Simplified Planning Zones£3.15£0.63£3.78
Q15Land Maintenance Notices£2.10£0.42£2.52
Q16Mineral Consultation and Safeguarding Areas£3.15£0.63£3.78
Q17Hazardous Substance Consents£3.15£0.63£3.78
Q18Environmental and Pollution Notices£3.15£0.63£3.78
Q19Food Safety Notices£3.15£0.63£3.78
Q20Hedgerow Notices£3.15£0.63£3.78
Q21Flood Defence and Land Drainage£2.70£0.54£3.24
Q22Common Land and Village Greens£4.50£0.90£5.40

CON29 Questions (individual)

Q 1.1 a to iPlanning£6.85£1.37£8.22
Q 1.1 j to lBuilding control£8.40£1.68£10.08
Q 1.2Local Plans, Structure Plans, Waste Plan etc.£2.70£0.54£3.24
Q2Roads, Footways, and Footpaths£1.80£0.36£2.16
Q 3.1Land required for Public Purposes£1.05£0.21£1.26
Q 3.2Land to be acquired for Roadworks£0.60£0.12£0.72
Q 3.3Drainage Matters / SuDS£5.85£1.17£7.02
Q 3.4Nearby Road Schemes£2.10£0.42£2.52
Q 3.5Nearby Railway Schemes£4.50£0.90£5.40
Q 3.6Traffic Schemes£4.30£0.86£5.16
Q 3.7Outstanding Notices£5.85£1.17£7.02
Q 3.8Breaches of Building Control£1.05£0.21£1.26
Q 3.9Enforcement Matters£6.75£1.35£8.10
Q 3.10Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)£1.05£0.21£1.26
Q 3.11Conservation Areas£2.10£0.42£2.52
Q 3.12Compulsory Purchase£2.55£0.51£3.06
Q 3.13Contaminated Land£1.05£0.21£1.26
Q 3.14Radon Gas£1.05£0.21£1.26
Q 3.15Assets of Community Value£5.25£1.05£6.30