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Dangerous and Nuisance Trees

If you are worried about a tree posing a risk to your property you need to approach the owner directly. If it poses a risk to the highway, contact Devon County Council immediately.

What happens when a tree is a risk to private property?

If you feel that a tree neighbouring your property is likely to be dangerous or cause a nuisance contact the landowner.

What happens where a tree threatens a road or footpath?

If a tree is likely to fall or pose a risk to a road or footpath report it to Devon County Council - Report a problem immediately. 

Trees in dispute

  • Overhanging trees, potential damage from trees and shadowing can cause disputes between neighbours
  • Information on rights and responsibilities for trees in relation to neighbour disputes can be found from The Arboricultural Association.

Know your responsibilities

Like all living beings trees have limited lives. Through damage, disease, decay or structural weakness a tree can become dangerous and pose a risk to people or property.

Remember, if you own a tree it is your responsibility to have it inspected by a competent person on a regular basis to ensure it is safe. Failure to do so may leave you open to a claim of negligence if damage or injury occurs.

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