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Abandoned Vehicles

The council has the power to remove abandoned vehicles in some circumstances.

If the vehicle is causing a danger or an obstruction, you should report it to Devon and Cornwall Police.

The Council can only remove an abandoned vehicle if it is untaxed. You can check if a vehicle is taxed at Gov.UK.

If the vehicle is on private land,  we will need the landowner's permission in writing before we can remove the vehicle.

We will deal with burnt out vehicles as a priority.

Reporting an Abandoned Vehicle

A lot of the reports we receive are duplicates - before you report a vehicle to us, please check whether it has already been reported by someone else.

If the vehicle hasn't been reported, please use the button below to let us know about it.

Check Existing Reports

Once we receive notification of an abandoned vehicle, we will post a notice and ask the registered keeper to either remove the vehicle or contact us to explain why it cannot be removed. If we do not hear from the registered keeper we will proceed with the removal process.

Report an Abandoned Vehicle

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