The Council's main concern is the safety of car park users, the local communities and staff. Paying via a mobile phone using the Ringo App enables payments to be made in a safe way.

Parking Safely

Cllr Terry Pearce, West Devon Council's Lead Member for Parking said: "Social distancing will be with us for some time to come, so today I am asking all car park users as they return to our towns and villages to continue to act responsibly.  Using contactless payment enables people to use our car parks safely without making contact with the payment machines, protecting other users and our staff. 

"Where this is not possible, we would also suggest that you carry your own hand sanitiser with you and please respect other car park users, keeping a 2 metre distance from them as they pay at the machines."

Ringo is an excellent way to make parking quick and easy as well as safe. You no longer need to carry change to pay for parking, you do not have to go to the parking machine and there is no ticket to display.

While parked, you can extend your parking time without needing to return to your car and you can even get a VAT receipt if you need one for your business.

If you register for RingGo now and download the app If you register for RingGo now and download the app, your mobile phone number and payment information will be saved ready for when you want to park your car.

Each car park has a unique location code, so if you are worried that there will be no signal at the car park, you can set up payment before you leave home.

Visit the Parking Locator or use the codes


  • Bedford Sawmill - 3516
  • Abbey - 3504
  • Bedford - 3506
  • Riverside - 3509
  • Brook Street - 3507
  • Chapel Street - 3508
  • The Wharf - 3517
  • Russel Street - 3510
  • Bank Square - 3505


  • Mill Road - 3503
  • Market Street - 3502


  • The Square - 3500


  • Bridge Street - 3501

Terry Pearce continued:  "I would like to thank everyone in West Devon for the way that they have responded to the pandemic so far.  The number of cases in the South West is remarkably lower than other places and it is thanks to your sacrifices that we have been that we have been spared.  Let's keep up the good work as the lock down measures ease."

Go online at  - Download the RingGo application for your iPhone or Android phone from the Apple Store or the Android Play Store.

Or call the RingGo number 01642 919000.

When you register for the service you will be asked to provide your vehicle's number plate, colour and make, plus your credit/debit card details so you can make payments when you use the service.

Visit for terms and conditions and further information.