We have heard wonderful stories of how you have kept people safe and provided support to those people who were shielding during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and we want to make sure your efforts are recognised.

The Council would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped and supported our residents during the pandemic. So many of you went above and beyond to help out in the communities and support people through the difficult lockdown period.

We have heard wonderful stories of how you have kept people safe and provided support to those people who were shielding, no matter how big or small the task.

The COVID-19 Hero Award Scheme is a chance for that work to be recognised. You can nominate someone for any of the categories below:

  • Community Leadership - was there someone in your area who took on a really big role? Did they co-ordinate volunteer efforts and arrange food deliveries?
  • Star Volunteer - did someone go above and beyond the call of duty as a volunteer? Were they walking dogs every day or collecting prescriptions for half the village?
  • Key Worker - As if they weren't busy enough, we know that some key workers also worked as volunteers in their communities. Do you know a key worker who made an amazing contribution?
  • Organisation - Did your local WI or Men's Shed Group rise to the challenge? Was their a local business that supported your community? You can nominate an entire group, organisation or business for this category.
  • Innovative Wellbeing Scheme - from Yoga by Zoom to Karate via Skype, we've heard of some fantastic efforts to keep people healthy and active.;
  • Keeping Spirits Up - A friendly ear at the end of the phone, someone who managed an online chat group or virtual pub quiz
  • Young Community Hero - Many of our young people were at the forefront of volunteer efforts; tell us about a young person who made a difference in your area.

When completing the nomination form, we'd like to know your name and address, contact details and some details about the person you're nominating and why. Please send us any photos you might have of the person or group, and they'll be featured in our online Heroes Gallery.

We're looking forward to reading your nominations!

Nominate Your COVID-19 Hero

National Honours

The UK Government is also running an honours scheme to recognise the work of volunteers and key workers during the pandemic.

Their contribution might include:

  • frontline work supporting the most vulnerable members of society and those who have caught COVID-19
  • providing critical care to COVID-19 patients
  • developing innovations to support the vulnerable and those with COVID-19
  • going to extraordinary lengths to keep critical services going
  • volunteering in the community or for service organisations in support of those affected by COVID-19

Nominate someone for a National Honour using the button below:

Nominate Someone for a National Honour