22 September 2020

Super Recycler

In December 2019, West Devon Borough Council began collecting drinks cartons, aluminium foil and trays and a wider range of plastics as part of their weekly recycling service. The aim of this change was to make West Devon residents into Super Recyclers.

Yesterday, kicking off National Recycle Week 2020, the Council would like to thank all their residents for increasing their recycling even through these recent difficult times.

Since the start of the improved service in Dec 2019, West Devon residents have recycled 500 tonnes more plastics, metals, paper, card and glass as well as 150 tonnes more food waste compared to the year before.

Recycling more and throwing away less reduces the impact on the environment because less energy is used producing new materials and we can make the best use of our resources. 

In 2019, West Devon Borough Council joined many other councils and Central Government, in declaring a climate change and biodiversity emergency.  While tackling the global issues seems an overwhelming task, recycling is one of the easiest way for every household to do their bit.

Cllr Caroline Mott, West Devon Borough Council's Hub Committee Member for Environment, said: "We are delighted to see that West Devon residents are recycling so much more.  We know times have been tough in recent months and it's great to see everyone doing their bit.

"Recycling more helps reduce the amount of waste that is incinerated, reuses valuable resources and is better for the environment