If you are having problems with ASB, we may be able to help and we may be able to take action if there is an impact on the community.
Information on how we treat pest problems
The Council has a duty under the Environment Act 1995 to review and assess the air quality in its area. The air quality in the West Devon is generally excellent.
Find out who is responsible for land drainage.
Some land in this country has been contaminated in the past by industries such as mining, waste disposal and general industrial processes. We work with landowners to manage the risk posed by this historical use.
You will find information about current Environmental Permit Applications on this page.
The Council has a role to play in an emergency to support our community and to help other emergency responders. Find out more about the Council's role below.
Good water quality is important for everyday life and every house and company must have a supply of clean, fresh water
Booking a Private Water Supply Test