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Authorities Monitoring Report

The Authorities Monitoring Report (AMR) sets out key information on the delivery of the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan. It is produced annually and sets out progress against the indicators which are set out in Annex 2 of the Joint Local Plan.

The AMR monitors progress from April to April each year. As the Joint Local Plan was adopted on 26 March 2019, this means that the AMR published in 2020 contains only limited information on the delivery of the Joint Local Plan after adoption. However, the AMR does set out a useful baseline set of data that we can monitor against over time.

The AMR is a statutory document that the Joint Local Plan Councils are required to produce annually. In addition to reporting on the Joint Local Plan (JLP) indicators, it also reports on additional information. This is relevant to the development plans that have been and are being produced by the JLP Councils.

Information on the Councils' housing delivery and 5-Year Land supply is set out in a separate document, the Housing Position Statement. You can find this on our 5-Year Housing Land Supply page.

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