Changes to your Property

If you need to tell us about any changes to your business rated property, you can do so here.

Change of Ownership/Liable Party

If you have moved into a business property and need to let us know that you are now the liable party for business rates, please use the Change of Ownership/Liable Party form.

You can also use this form if you are no longer the liable party or have moved out of a business premises.

Change of Use

If your property has changed from a business-rated property to a domestic property, please use the change of use form above.

Examples include:

  • A property which was previously a holiday let that you are now living in full-time
  • A property which was previously a shop, unit, workshop or pub that has been converted to a residential property

Split or Merge a Property

If you have adapted a current business-rated property into multiple units, or merged several units into one large one, please use the form below to tell us about it.

Examples include:

  • Merging several workshop units into one large building
  • Dividing an existing shop into a shop and café