From the 1 April 2018, we will no longer accept cash or cheque payments at our offices.

By going cashless at our offices, we can save nearly £35,000 per year of taxpayer's money.

I still want to pay my bill by cash or cheque?

You still can. You can pay your council tax bill by cash or cheque at any Post Office or PayPoint Facility.

To find your nearest PayPoint, use this website.

To find your nearest Post Office, use this website.

You will need to take your bill with you.

Can I still pay at your offices with a credit or debit card?

Yes. These facilities will not change. You can also pay online using a credit or debit card, or call our automated payment line.

What other payment methods will you accept?

You can pay by Direct debit or standing order via your bank. To set up a direct debit, please see this page.

To set up a standing order, or pay via internet banking, please contact your bank. You will find our bank details on this page.


Click on the images below to find your nearest PayPoint or Post Office.

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