Ukraine Support - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are currently hosting Ukrainian guests or are interested in hosting, you can find the answers to some commonly asked questions here.

If you are hosting guests, you can find the answers to some commonly asked questions below:

Ukraine support FAQs

I currently receive single person discount on my council tax or another benefit. Will this be affected if I take in a refugee?

The Council Tax legislation is being amended so that a person who has secured a visa under the Homes for Ukraine scheme is disregarded for Council tax discounts. This protects a sponsor's single person discount and 50% discount for occupants who are already disregarded.

How does our guest receive the £200 emergency welcome payment?

We are using the Post Office Pay Out Now Scheme.  When you inform us your guests have arrived, we will email them with a barcode that can be taken to any Post Office to redeem the welcome payment for their group.

How can I tell you my guests have arrived?

You need to complete our simple webform, available using the link below.

This will register your guests for their emergency welcome payment and also register you as the host for your monthly arrears thank you payment of £350.

Tell us about your guests

How do my guests open a bank account?

Banks are dealing with the Ukrainian Refugees in different ways.  For some you need an appointment, you may need to apply online, or you may be able to simply walk into a branch and set one up.  There are also many online-only providers that you can use.

You will need a UK bank account to be able to apply for welfare support (benefits).

If your guests require a proof of address from the Council please email and we will arrange this

What income could my guests be eligible for?

Benefits are monthly payments from the state to support your guests with living costs, such as travel and food.

Ukrainian guests can access Universal Credit (if working age) or Pension Credits (If pensionable age), as soon as they arrive in the UK. The payments are intended to support living costs.

It is important that your guests apply for benefits as a priority when they arrive.  They also need to understand that they are eligible for this assistance and it does not have to be paid back, unlike the welfare system in Ukraine that is a loan scheme.

You should apply for Universal Credit as soon as possible. Even if you do not currently have a UK bank account, this can be added later.  The Jobcentre will invite you to an appointment where they will assist you in applying for Child Benefit and obtaining a National Insurance Number.

If a member of the group has a disability you can apply for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) if under pension age or Attendance Allowance (AA) if over pension age.

How do my guests get a National Insurance Number?

When your guests apply for Universal Credit or Pension Credit, this should start their application for a National Insurance number.

However, you can also apply at Gov.UK.

My guests include children. How do they apply for school places?

The government has published guidance for families arriving from Ukraine on how to apply for a school place and childcare in England, in English and Ukrainian:

Once you have decided which school/s you want to apply for you can complete an application on the Devon County Council schools portal.

You will need an email address in order to create an account.

If you need help with the application process, or you would like advice about schools with vacancies, please contact the Devon County Council School Admissions Team by email at or call 01392 383829.

Following guidance from the Department for Education, Devon are following normal age rules to determine the school year a child gets placed in.

I can't help with accommodation; how else could I help?

The most effective way to support is to make a donation through the Disaster Emergency Committee, as this ensures the right things get to the right place. The fastest way to donate to a DEC appeal is by donating online.  Visit the DEC webpage for more information.

How can I donate specific items?

While it is recognised that cash is the most effective way to donate, there may be local collections in your community that are collecting specific items.

The best way to find out about this is through local social media or community groups, as the requirements change frequently.

What support groups are in my area?

Devon County Council are collating information in relation to support groups in the area.

The details can be found on their website.  

You can register by contacting Devon County using the following email address: