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Council Tax Energy Rebate

Payment Dates for the Council Tax Rebate

The Council has started making payments of the £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate to those residents in Council Tax bands A to D who paid their Council Tax by Direct Debit on 1 April, 15 April and 28 April.

Please note, although we are paying these as quickly as we can, checks do have to be carried out to ensure payments are made in accordance with Central Government guidelines.

If you paid your Council Tax by Direct Debit on 1 or 15 April, you should have already received the £150 rebate in your bank account. If you haven’t, it will be because we need to carry out further checks.

If you pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit on 28 April, the Council will be making these payments of £150 to customers by the middle of May.

If you have not yet received your payment, please do not contact us, as that will delay getting your payment to you. If we need further information we will contact you, but remember we will NOT ask for your bank account number or sort code over the phone.

If you have applied or are applying for the Council Tax Energy Rebate but do not pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, we will shortly update this webpage with when we are starting to make payments to non-Direct Debit payers.

On 3 February the Government announced measures to help protect millions of households from rising energy costs. These measures include a £150 Council Tax Rebate which will be paid from April.

You can find all the information about the rebate using the buttons below.

If you need to check your Council Tax Band, it will either be on your bill, or you can check online here.

Pay by Direct Debit already?

✔ Households in bands A to D who pay by Direct Debit will receive the rebate automatically

✔ You don't need to do anything and should receive the payment later in April

✔ Use the button below to read the full details

Read the full details

Set up a Direct Debit

✔ If you are in band A to D, the quickest way to receive the rebate is to set up a Direct Debit

✔ You can set up a Direct Debit online now, just use the button below.

✔ You will receive the rebate soon after your first Council Tax payment has been made

Set up a Direct Debit

Don't Pay by Direct Debit?

✔If you don't pay by Direct Debit, and don't want to set one up, you will need to complete a form

✔ Your property needs to be in Council Tax bands A to D to qualify

✔ You can use the button below to send us your details. We anticipate starting to make payments during May

Apply for the Rebate

Discretionary Scheme

✔ If your property is not in bands A to D but you are on a low income, you may be able to apply to the discretionary scheme.

✔ We are currently finalising the details of this scheme

✔ Check back soon to apply

Refuse the Rebate

✔ If you don't want to receive the rebate, you can refuse it

✔ The money will be returned to central Government

✔ Find out more using the button below

Refuse the Rebate

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ Have a question that isn't answered here?

✔ Want to find out more?

✔ Use the button below to see if your question has already been asked.

Read FAQs

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