Safer Workplace, Better Business

The Safer Workplace Better Business pack aims to give that extra support for new and existing businesses in meeting health and safety requirements. It is most suited to catering premises, small hotels, retailers, care homes and offices.

It has been produced in partnership with other local authorities in Devon and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE),

Once completed, the pack will enable your business to identify the key hazards in your workplace, introduce suitable controls and have a documented system for health and safety management.

The pack is split into various sections and you can download and complete them individually, or the complete pack can be downloaded.

You will only need to download the sections that are applicable to your business.

Once all the relevant sections are completed, the pack should be brought to the attention of staff.

Health and safety procedures/safe methods should be reviewed on a regular basis and updated where necessary. For example, procedures may need to be reviewed and updated after an accident, changes in work practices or where new equipment is introduced.