Disabled Facilities Grants

If you need to adapt your home, you may be able to apply for grant aid.

If you are disabled, we want to help you to live safely in your home.

If you need to adapt your home to allow you to live in it safely, we may be able to help with a Disabled Facilities Grant.

This grant is means-tested, which means that if you can afford to do the work yourself, you will not qualify for a grant.

How do I apply?

Homeowners or tenants can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant. Landlords can also apply on behalf of their tenants.

Tenants must have permission from the owner of the property.

You will need an assessment from an Occupational Therapist. They may recommend certain adaptations that could benefit you.

To start the process, Care Direct can arrange for an Occupational Therapist to visit you. Contact them by:

  • Telephone: 0345 1551007*
  • Text Message: 07773 333231
  • Textphone (for those with hearing difficulties): 0845 1551020*
  • Website

* For more information on call charges please see the OFCOM website.

What happens next?

If the OT recommends adaptations for you, and you agree, the recommendation will be sent to us.

We will then contact you, and help you with your application. This will include supplying the application forms and helping you complete them if necessary.

If you would like more information about what happens at this stage, please email for more information.

What sort of adaptations might be recommended?

Typical adaptations can include:

  • External ramps, or internal stairlifts, helping you move more easily into and around your home.
  • A level-entry shower if you can't use the bath safely.
  • Providing lower level kitchen worktops for wheelchair users.
  • Ground floor bathrooms, lever taps, grab rails and more.

How much grant aid could I get?

This depends on how much the recommended works will cost, and whether the means test (part of the relevant Government legislation) says you must pay towards these costs. The maximum grant is £30,000.

The means test applies to the disabled person, even if someone else is making the application.

Grants for a child or young person aren't means-tested.

If you receive certain means tested benefits  (Income Support, Housing Benefit, Guaranteed Pension Credit, for example) you will not have to pay towards the cost of the works.

If you don't receive any of the qualifying benefits, we will assess your income and savings to work out if you could get grant aid.

We can give you more information and advice, and we can undertake a preliminary means test - please contact us if you want to discuss this.

Will I have to repay the grant at any time?

For tenants or landlords, there are no repayment conditions.

For owner occupiers, conditions about repayment apply if you stop living in the property.

Please contact us for more advice using our email.