Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan 2014 - 2034

22 October 2018 - Public Consultation Begins

People across Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon will be getting another chance to comment on changes made to the area's Joint Local Plan.

A number of 'modifications' have been suggested by planning inspectors following the examination hearings between January and March this year.

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan is in its final stages of preparation. The inspectors issued a formal post hearing advice note in August which set out a number of modifications they considered would be necessary to make the Joint Local Plan sound.

The JLP councils are consulting on the changes, known as 'Main Modifications' and will forward any responses to the inspectors for their consideration.

They include for Plymouth and its urban fringe some changes to the way greenspaces are protected by policies in the plan.

In South Hams and West Devon the changes include the removal of 'settlement boundaries' (these will now be detailed in a new document which will be consulted on next year) and changes to policies dealing with development in the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The consultation starts today Monday (22 October 2018) with people and organisations invited to comment on a 'schedule of main modifications' to the Joint Local Plan.

There is also a schedule of additional modifications and a schedule of map modifications (which show changes to the policies map).  These additional modifications are changes which are not required to make the plan sound, but to correct inaccuracies or improve the plan. Comments received on these schedules will be considered by the councils, but not the Inspectors.

A number of background documents have been updated to take account of the main modifications.

Comments can only be made on the 'main modifications' proposed to be made to the JLP.  All documents and details, including times and dates of drop-in sessions for the public are on the Joint Local Plan - Main Modifications Page

The consultation will close at 5pm on Monday 3 December 2018.

To make your comments, visit the Joint Local Plan - Consultation Portal.


April 2018 - Close of Hearings

The hearing sessions are now closed, so the Inspectors will only request additional information that they consider to be essential to inform their consideration of soundness or legal compliance issues. They will not be accepting any unsolicited material or further statements from participants in the examination. At the close of the hearings the Inspectors asked the councils to supply to them by 13 April 2018 any outstanding information and a list of potential main modifications to the Joint Local Plan. The Inspectors indicated that they may set out interim findings at a date to be confirmed. Please continue checking the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan Information Page for all updates.

January to March 2018 - Hearings

Public hearings took place during January, February and March 2018.

Icon for pdf JLP Examination Hearing Dates 2018 [498.37KB]

July 2017- Submission

On 31 July 2017 the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for examination. For more information please see the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan Information Page.