A Competitive Decision for Parking

Today, Tuesday 21 November, our Hub Committee made the decision to increase their long stay car park charges but keep short stay prices the same. 

Parking charges in West Devon were last increased in March 2021 and we have consciously kept parking prices frozen for its residents and visitors over this time. This increase for longer stays still provides very competitive prices when compared against other local districts and will help address future budget challenges and pressures. Due to previous sensible decisions we are  in a good financial position, however difficult choices need to be made in today’s challenging economy. With inflation at a 40-year high, costs are increasing to deliver frontline services across the Borough. This increase will mean that short stay car parks can remain at the same prices which have been in place since 2021. This will reduce the impact on local businesses’ trade, shoppers and on those using essential high street services.

Following feedback from residents who requested longer parking at the Abbey car park in Tavistock, it will change from a 4 hour to a 6 hour maximum stay car park. 

The Brentor and Lydford car parks will be removed from our asset register and control. Brentor and Lydford car park will return back to Dartmoor National Park Authority to operate.

We use our car parking income to invest in toilets and public space improvements and continues to install electric vehicle (EV) charging points at great cost. An EV strategy has been agreed to increase the roll out of charging networks.

Cllr Adam Bridgewater, Lead Member for People and Community, said: “Nobody ever wants to make the decision to raise car parking prices at any time. We have consciously kept parking prices frozen during the exceptionally challenging financial period.  The reality is we have to deliver our services and make sure the Council can operate now, and in the future. We have to find the best way to do that, with the least impact as possible to our residents.

“By increasing the long stay car parks tariffs, but still at a very competitive price compared to other areas, we can provide income for the long term, whilst still keeping the short stay car parking at the same price. This means less of an impact on our local businesses, economy and local shoppers. It’s the best we can do in a really tough situation.”

You can find out more by reading the full report on the Hub Committee Page.

Watch the meeting on the Council's YouTube Channel