Helping Residents With Their Energy Costs

Lower income households could save up to £400 a year on energy bills with our support. 

We are helping households across the Borough improve the energy efficiency of their homes and encourage residents to check whether they are eligible for an upgrade to their current heating systems and insulation.

Thursday 30 November is National Energy Action’s (NEA) Fuel Poverty Awareness Day. It’s been two years since the energy crisis first began with 6.3 million UK households currently in fuel poverty. 

We have been awarded £1.8 million of funding by the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) to improve the energy efficiency of 100 homes across West Devon by March 2025. The Homes Upgrade Grant (HUG2) project is being delivered in partnership with Tamar Energy Community. 

The improvements  will help those people who are on lower incomes and whose homes are in the most need of upgrading. They will also help address climate change issues, one of our top priorities. 

Residents who can benefit will have a combined gross household income of less than £31k each year ,and are also living in the most poorly performing properties as measured by their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) (D-G properties); and are not heated from the gas grid. 

Eligible residents will benefit from a solution for the whole home. This would start with improving the fabric of the home first – increasing insulation, such as exterior wall, cavity wall or loft, and then low-carbon heating such as heat pumps.  Homes will be surveyed, and improvements will be designed specifically for each property’s needs.  

Those living in private rented properties can  also benefit from the scheme. Landlords could receive up to two-thirds of the costs of improvements if their properties (EPC) and their tenants (gross household income) are eligible. 

We are working in partnership with Tamar Energy Community who will be providing retrofit support services. This includes helping identify eligible applicants and supporting them through the process. 

Households who think they may be eligible for the scheme can find out more at

Leader, Cllr Mandy Ewings, said: “This important funding and programme of work in partnership with Tamar Energy Community is essential as we continue to support those across the Borough in reducing their essential living costs. It has been a tough time for many, particularly those living in homes that are not as efficient as they should be. This support will help ease the financial burden of many and ensure more efficient energy use, allowing our residents to stay warmer for longer, at a lower cost. 

“Addressing climate change is one of our top priorities. The move to low carbon heating will help us with our ambition to reduce emissions across the Borough.”

Kate Royston, Director at Tamar Energy Community, said: “We are delighted to be working with West Devon Borough Council to roll out this scheme to householders. We have had a very busy time supporting lower income households through the energy crisis and this funding will enable us to install energy efficiency measures for long lasting benefits. Improving the energy efficiency of our housing stock is so important for warmer, healthier homes and for the climate. 

“This scheme also enables us to provide professional and independent local support to householders throughout their retrofit journey.”