New online service to help tenants

Tenants can now get quicker support with housing issues such as damp and mould with an easy-to-use online tool. 

We have launched a new online service where tenants can report housing issues which have not been resolved by their landlord.

Tenants can upload photos showing their issues and will get a clear point of contact for advice and support. We will respond within two weeks, but much more rapidly if an emergency.  

Where appropriate, we will inspect homes and contact landlords directly, and ultimately, it has the power to fine or prosecute.

Providing high quality and affordable housing is one of our top priorities. 

This is just one of the many ways we are helping to address the housing issues residents face across the Borough.

Cllr Mark Renders, Lead Member for Housing, said: “A number of residents have told us that their landlords are not dealing promptly with disrepair issues. This is why we are taking action to support those who are desperate for help. Please use our online tool to report any difficulties you are having solving any issues in your rented home.

“The wellbeing of our residents is so important to us. We are committed to making sure West Devon has the highest standard of housing.”

Tenants can report housing issues at

Residents can also report issues by calling West Devon Borough Council on 01822 813 600 or by contacting their local Councillor -