New allotments benefitting the people of Milton Abbot

We’ve supported the creation of a new allotment in Milton Abbot that will help people reduce food miles, provide a new community space while boosting biodiversity and create opportunities for people to interact with nature.

Watch our video on the allotment project:

To help meet our priority of supporting both West Devon’s communities and the borough’s fight against climate change, we have signed a long-term lease with the newly formed Milton Abbot Allotment Association to use a plot of land in the village for new allotments.

Residents of the village expressed an interest in turning the land into allotments; that enthusiasm from residents prompted us to formally designate the land as an allotment site and agree a lease to give the Milton Abbot Allotment Association the ability to make best use of the site to meet local growing demand.

While a modest site, it will be able to accommodate various sized and shaped plots and will include several raised beds.

Cllr Ursula Mann, Lead Member for Climate and Biodiversity, said: “One of West Devon’s priorities is to support communities with climate change and the things that that brings.

“The need for food and lowering food miles can be achieved with allotments. Being out in an allotment is great for learning about nature, while also improving biodiversity as a new haven for insects.

“On top of that, there’s the social aspect too, which is surely a boon for communities. Allotments can bring people together and we’re definitely seeing that in Milton Abbot. Having spoken to some of the allotment holders, some mentioned that they’re self-employed or working from home, and the allotments have brought them together to do more than just allotment gardening.”


The Milton Abbot allotment group leaned against the gate of the new allotment site with Councillors Ursula Mann and Neil Jory.

Pictured: Milton Abbot Allotment Group members with Cllrs Ursula Mann and Neil Jory.

Angus McKenzie, secretary of the Milton Abbot Allotment Association, said: “I think we have managed to bring people together, we’ve engaged people. I think this is just the start of the journey though. 

“I very much hope that we’ll have a mixture of youngsters from the primary school, and pensioners from the village who want to come and visit, maybe sit down and have a cup of tea, and have a chat and engage with us, because the whole proposition was based on a very inclusive, diverse mix of people who would get all the huge benefits of being out in nature, in terms of the physicality of gardening, and the mental health benefits. 

“If we can deliver that then I think everyone will be very proud of the space that we’ve created.”

Cllr Neil Jory, Ward Member for Milton Ford, said: “I’m really happy that the Council has worked so well with the Milton Abbot community to make this project a reality. The allotments are a great use for this plot of land and I look forward to seeing the site full of flowers, vegetables and other plants before long.”


Milton Abbot Allotment Group members at the allotment with Cllrs Ursula Mann and Neil Jory.

Pictured: Milton Abbot Allotment Group members with Cllrs Ursula Mann and Neil Jory.