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A Competitive Decision for Parking

Today, Tuesday 21 November, our Hub Committee made the decision to increase their long stay car park charges but keep short stay prices the same.

21 November 2023
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£1million of funding benefitting West Devon

The profound effects of £1million of funding are being felt across West Devon, with businesses and community programmes within the borough benefitting within a year of the money being secured.

21 November 2023
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What is important to you in West Devon? Have your say!

Difficulties finding affordable housing, the increasing cost of living, the new transport hub in Okehampton and supporting business to adapt to the climate crisis - just some of the challenges and opportunities facing West Devon.

21 November 2023
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Joining forces to address the homelessness crisis

We have joined forces with councils across the country to urge the Government to take action when it comes to supporting those facing homelessness and in need of temporary accommodation.

9 November 2023
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Have Your Say on Council Tax Support

We want to hear your views on how we plan to help people most in need pay their council tax as the cost-of-living crisis continues.

17 October 2023
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We are Consulting on Dog Control

We want to hear your thoughts in a consultation about West Devon’s Public Space Protection Orders for dog control.

11 October 2023