All our parking permits are now virtual. This means that you will not receive a paper permit to display in your car.

The exception to this is our Annual Business permits which are not virtual and will require a paper permit. If you are applying for an annual business permit, please put the name of your business in the vehicle registration (VRN) box.

Please note, we no longer offer weekly parking permits.

How can I Purchase a Parking Permit?

You can register for the service using the button below:

Register now

If you do not receive the verification email, contact the parking department at

Please make sure to read the terms and conditions before purchasing a permit.

Permit purchases are non-refundable.

About our Permits

  • Permits are issued to one vehicle registration and allow the holder to park at any time in any of the car parks listed for that permit below. 
  • Permits are only valid in the town/village selected and the allocated car parks within that area. For example, a Tavistock town centre permit is not valid in Okehampton. 
  • Permits do not guarantee the right to a bay in any particular car park and does not allow parking in reserved bays.  
  • Your vehicle must be taxed in order to validate your parking permit. 
  • Permits are now virtual, except Business Permits.