RingGo Parking Payment Service

If you're parking in West Devon Council car parks, you can pay to park by phone, using RingGo cashless parking. It's quick, secure and easy

There's no need to save up loose change or queue up to use a machine.

Using RingGo also helps from an environmental point of view, too, as there's no need to get a printed pay and display ticket to put in your windscreen.  

How does RingGo work?

RingGo is a third party company that enables cashless parking payments. To download the RingGo app, go to your phone app store and search for RingGo. You can also use the buttons below.

Download the RingGo App for Android

Download RingGo App for iOS (Apple)

Once you have downloaded the app, set up your account by registering a few details and when you want to park, pay quickly and easily in just a few seconds.

To do this, you need to confirm the vehicle you are using and let the service know exactly where you are parked.  This is done by entering the location number advertised on signs in every car park.

You then need to tell RingGo how long you want to stay and confirm your payment details.

A further benefit of RingGo is that if your parking is running out, you can extend your time wherever you are, provided you don't go over any local restrictions in the car park you are using.

Select your current session from within the app and you will be asked how long you want to extend for.  Choose a time, confirm, and the new time will apply.

Our Parking enforcement officers know which vehicles are using RingGo by checking the vehicle registration on their devices. There is no need to display anything in your windscreen.

Please take care to use the correct location and vehicle registration details when you use RingGo to purchase your parking.

What are the benefits of using RingGo

  • Touch-free parking without visiting a machine.
  • No more searching around for coins.
  • Extend your parking wherever you are.
  • Optional text receipts and reminders confirm your parking and remind you when your parking is running out, helping you avoid a penalty charge notice.

Where can RingGo be used?

Once you've downloaded the RingGo smartphone app and registered to use the service, you can use RingGo in thousands of areas nationwide, as well as hundreds of locations across Devon.

For a list of the places where you can pay to park locally, see RingGo.co.uk/location/parking-in-Devon/.

What else do I need to know?

While there's no convenience fee for using RingGo in our Council car parks, there may be a small fee in other locations. Please check the app or RingGo website for charges in each location.

*The optional confirmation and alert texts cost 10p per message, but you can opt out from them at any time. 

You need to either opt out permanently in the app settings or opt out each time you use it to ensure you don't incur charges.

If you need a VAT receipt to claim back on expenses, you can get that free for all your parking sessions via the RingGo app, or on their website.

If you pay to park for business purposes, you may like to check out the RingGo Corporate solution at RingGo.co.uk/corporate. This provides quick and easy employee parking, reducing pay and claim.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

If you don’t have access to a smartphone, or cannot install the RingGo app, you can still use RingGo to pay for your parking across our car parks

This is done by calling RingGo on 01822 670 673 and completing an automated payment. Be sure to check the signs within each car park for the code to provide, and check your vehicle and location are correctly recorded by the telephone service before completing your call.

You can also register and book parking with RingGo online through their website. Please be aware that this will not guarantee you a parking space, and we would advise not making payments until you have arrived in the car park.

If you need any more information, please visit RingGo.co.uk.

I think I have been charged incorrectly when using RingGo in your car parks:

  • There is no convenience fee charged for using RingGo in any of our Council car parks. The amount you pay to park by RingGo is the same as you would pay to purchase a physical ticket from our parking machines.
  • RingGo do offer optional extras such as texts which cost 10p per message which is paid to RingGo. You can opt out of these at any time via your RingGo account.

Your RingGo receipt within your RingGo account will also show you a breakdown of what contributed to the total paid.

If you have paid twice for the same session, or have a different query regarding the parking fees you have paid with RingGo, please contact the Parking team including as much information as possible and the details or receipts for your RingGo transactions.