Planning Customer Charter

Our Planning Customer Charter and our commitment to our customers.

Who are we?

The Planning Service is responsible for determining planning applications and seeking to address issues when development takes place without planning permission. The Planning Service is delivered by officers in the Development Management and Planning Enforcement Team, and led by the Head of Development Management.

We are committed to putting our customers at the heart of everything that we do. Whether you are a member of the community wishing to engage in the planning process or a developer wishing to invest in our District, this Planning Charter makes clear what you can expect from our Planning Service.

Our Vision

We are working towards being an efficient, flexible, customer-focussed Planning Service that works well together and with others to deliver high quality, energy efficient, carbon-reducing development.

What services do we provide?

  • Processing applications for:

    • planning permission,
    • Listed Building and Conservation Area consent,
    • advertisement consent,
    • works to protected trees,
    • certificates of lawful use or development,
    • determinations of prior approval, and
    • other statutory applications.
  • Accepting and processing applications / drawings electronically
  • Duty Planner Service for informal, general planning advice and information (please note there is a fixed charge for this service). 
  • Pre-Application Service for applicants and / or their agents to find out whether the Council is likely to be able to support proposals before submitting an application (please note that there is a charge for this service).
  • Keeping people informed when an Appeal is made against a planning decision.
  • Carrying out investigations into breaches of planning control in accordance with our Planning Enforcement Policy.
  • Maintaining and make publicly available a register of planning and other statutory applications.
  • An enquiry system for historic planning permissions and other statutory applications. This includes the production of certified copies of documents (please note that there is a charge for this service).

Our Commitments and what we expect from our customers

Our Commitments - We Will: Your Commitments - You Will:
Take pride in our performance and achievements Treat our staff with respect and deal with us in a professional and courteous manner
Be helpful, polite and treat you with fairness and respect Tell us when your circumstances change
Let you know who is dealing with your application or enquiry, and make it clear how you can contact us and when you can expect a response Understand that you may not always get the outcome that you want and that we may not always be able to solve your issues. We can signpost you to the right support.
Keep you informed about the progress of your enquiry using the most appropriate method of communication Contact us to make an appointment in relation to a complex enquiry or to see a specific officer, and attend appointments on time (or let us know if you cannot do so).
Aim to deal with your request the first time you contact us. If we can't, we'll let you know and tell you when we will respond Design and deliver high quality sustainable development and good quality plans. Provide all relevant and supporting information about your proposed development in a timely manner.
Make sure you can easily access the latest information and guidance on our website to help you understand the process and timetable Follow our policies, guidance and procedures and use our pre-application advice service
Work towards government targets but let you know in advance when we are not able to meet those targets Recognise that we are required to work within a statutory framework and meet government targets
Determine planning and other applications based on the plans and details submitted with the application when validated. We will only accept minor revisions that would not require re-consultation or re-advertisement of the application. Make best use of electronic methods of communication and use the website to access guidance and reports on all aspects of our planning service. Use our online services to make comments on planning consultations
Let you know if your initial application is invalid and why, and the time limit for resubmitting the application. If your subsequent application is not resubmitted within that time or if it is still invalid, we will return your application and fee, less a 10% administration fee. Build in accordance with approved plans and conditions (or seek amendments through a further planning application.
Listen and respond to your concerns, apologise for and learn from our mistakes to improve our service. Tell us what you think about our service here.

Get in Touch

You can contact the planning team here.

You can contact the Enforcement team here.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01822 813383, or write to us at:

West Devon Borough Council
Kilworthy Park
Drake Road
PL19 0BZ