Apply to rename an existing street

Apply to change the name of a street, or name an existing street that is not currently officially named.

There is a fee of £40 per property (from 1 April 2021).

All proposals must be accompanied by a

  • site location plan indicating the full length of the street to be re-named or numbered or re-numbered,
  • evidence (such as names and signatures) that at least two -thirds of affected residents agree to the change.

Why rename or renumber streets?

Rarely the council may decide that in order to improve the delivery of mail and the routing of emergency services, a street needs to be renamed, or renumbered. We will only do this after consultation with the owners of the affected properties and will always give one month's notice in writing as detailed below. In these circumstances all costs associated with providing and erecting street nameplates will be met by us

The Royal Mail may also approach us where they believe there is an operational necessity to make changes to addresses. We will only make such changes where we believe there is a need, and after consultation with the residents/owners of the properties affected

Finally, applications for a name change can be made through the relevant town or parish council. Requests will only be considered if there is evidence that at least two thirds of the affected residents agree to the proposed change. If you would like to change your street name, you should contact your parish or town council in the first instance.

What the council can do

  • Rename an existing street
  • Name a street that was previously un-named
  • Introduce a numbering scheme on a street that is currently not numbered
  • Re-number the properties on an existing street.  

What happens next?

  • If the proposal is approved a Notice will be erected on site and lodged with the Clerk to the Justices for one month whereby objections to the proposal can be received
  • After consideration a decision will be made on whether to approve the proposal using delegated Authority by the Head of Planning, Economy and Community
  • Once approved we will liaise with the Royal Mail.  The Royal Mail may issue a new postcode for the street
  • We will advise the residents/owners of their new official postal address, as well as all other relevant Authorities including the Emergency Services, Royal Mail and council departments such as Council Tax and Elections