Naming and numbering a new property

Get an address for new houses or business properties where there is NOT a new street being created.

You will need to do this if you are:

  • building a new house or business unit; or
  • converting a building to residential or business use; or
  • subdividing a property; and
  • no new streets are being created and named.

IMPORTANT - Please DO NOT use this form if your development involves creating and naming new streets.

If your development involves new streets, please see Naming and Numbering a New Street.

A fee of £40 per property (from 1 April 2021) is required and you must submit a plan clearly showing the location of the property.

Will registering the address register it for Council Tax?

No. Council tax is a separate process involving another government department, the Valuation Office Agency. Once you have received confirmation that your property address has been created, you will need to apply online to register for council tax.

Once you have registered your address, you can register the property for Council Tax here.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Registering addresses is an official function of the Council. Please note Royal Mail doesn't have any jurisdiction over addresses and is only responsible for the allocation of postcodes.

When you apply to register an address, the Council will deal with Royal Mail on your behalf.

You should apply to us as soon as possible once building work as started. You should not give any postal addresses to potential occupiers, directly or indirectly, before the address has been formally issued.

The Council will not be liable for any costs or damages caused by failure to comply with this.

We will make sure details of the new properties are sent to a range of organisations including Royal Mail and the emergency services, as well as internal Council departments. However as stated above, it will not register the property for council tax or add your details to the Electoral Roll.

Important information about Royal Mail

Royal Mail have very strict criteria about the type of properties they will add onto their postal address database. Properties must be either residential or business properties.

Business properties must have a building on site which is occupied during normal business hours and which has a secure mail delivery point. The building must display clear signage showing the business name.

They will not allow addresses onto their system for agricultural barns, stables or other properties that will not require postal deliveries.