Our Vision

Our Values and Priorities

South Hams and West Devon are distinctly different areas but what they do have in common is their shared sense of community spirit.

A stunning Dartmoor covers a large proportion of West Devon, but with a population of just 55,000, delivering public services costs more than in many other areas, so there are challenges.

Home to 86,000 people, in some corners of the South Hams, there is a high percentage of second homes, making it difficult for some of our residents.

With around 570 staff we share the workload of both councils. We are rightly proud of our workforce. Two councils, one team.

Help for Housing

Providing environmentally friendly local housing that is affordable for all. Doing what we can to address affordable homes to rent or buy. Ensuring building schemes include homes that meet the differing needs of our communities.

We want homes to be created where they are needed for all members of the community that are future proofed. To improve the quality of our existing housing, encourage downsizing to support families and help those in need onto the housing ladder.

We stand firm and fight for our residents’ rights on fairer housing at government level on tax loopholes and exempt housing.

Towards Net Zero

Climate Change and Biodiversity are an important issue for us, along with everyone else. We are looking at becoming carbon free councils by 2030 and a net zero district and borough by 2050.  

We work hand in hand with our partners through the Devon Climate Emergency project to increase every opportunity to reach these goals. 

Connecting with Communities

We want to work with our communities. We will be stronger together delivering what our communities need.

Helping our residents to stay for longer in their hometowns and villages and with their families. Enabling them to afford to live in suitable affordable properties. Delivering our active travel plan to encourage walking, wheeling and cycling. Providing clean and attractive streets, facilities, and reliable services.

Supporting the Economy

Helping our businesses and high streets to thrive and grow. Encourage new opportunities for growth through both the Joint Local Plan and the Plymouth and South Devon Freeport.

We are committed to attracting new investment and providing opportunities to tackle climate change, deliver clean growth, while encouraging new, and developing existing jobs and supporting tourism in the area.

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