From 2 December 2019 you will be able to recycle more at the kerbside.

The additional items you can recycle from  2 December are:

  • Plastic pots - yoghurt pots, soup pots
  • Plastic tubs - margarine/butter tubs, ice cream tubs, takeaway tubs
  • Plastic trays - meat/fish trays, fruit and veg punnets, ready meal trays
  • Aluminium foil and foil trays
  • Food and drink cartons, including those with plastic spouts
  • Household printer cartridges

Please note we cannot accept any type of black plastic for recycling.

Find out how to sort your recycling for the new service here.

If you have not received your stickers and/or information pack, you can order them here.

If you need new containers, or a replacement, you can order them here.

New Service Checklist

Before the start of the new service, please check you have the following:

↺ Your existing recycling boxes.

If you only have one box, and present Box 1 contents one week and Box 2 contents the next, you can continue to use this method alongside your new recycling sack.

↺ Your new reusable white sack

This will be delivered between 4 and 29 November. It is printed with instructions about what should go in it. Please start using your sack from 2 December 2019. If you use your sack before this date your recycling may not be collected.

↺ Your information pack

This tells you all you need to know about the new service. It will be delivered from 28 October. If you haven't received yours by 15 November you can request one to be sent out through our website or download it Icon for pdf here [2.96MB].

↺ Your box stickers (optional)

You'll receive a replacement sticker for each box with your information pack. The stickers are to help you sort the right contents into each box. If you need additional stickers you can request them here.

↺ Your food caddy

You can now use any bag to line your caddy, such as salad bags, cereal bags, or carrier bags. Any bags or liners, including compostable liners, are removed at the start of the process by machine. The bags are then sent for energy recovery. You can also line your caddy with newspaper, or place the food in loose.

What else do I need to know?

Black sack collection frequency trial.

As you will be able to recycle more at the kerbside, you may notice that you are putting a lot less in your black sacks, particularly if you also use the food waste service. As a result, in early 2020 we will conduct a small scale trial of collecting black sack waste from some households once every three weeks. If your household is part of the trial you will be notified in January 2020.

Other collections

Except for the trial mentioned above there will be no change to your other collections. Garden waste collections, if you subscribe, will still be every fortnight, and the majority of households will have their black sack waste collected every fortnight.

Properties with limited storage space

All households will need to use their new white sack for plastics and metals. If you currently only have one box and present Box 1 contents one week and Box 2 contents the next, you can continue to use this method alongside your new recycling sack. The white sack can be easily folded away when not in use to help save space.

Additional white sacks

Each property will receive one white sack. The sacks are flexible and hold 70 litres, which should be more than enough space for most households. If you are a larger household we ask that you try out the sack for the first few collections. If you find that there's not enough space for all your plastics and metals on a regular basis, then you can request an additional sack on our website.

Please note that additional and replacement container requests are closely monitored.