Your Off Street Parking Fine reference number will be 10 characters long, will start with 'DW' and will end with a number or an 'X'. Example - DW12345678 or DW1234567X. If your reference number does not start with DW then the fine has been issued by Devon County Council and payment must be made to them.

Please have your Parking Fine reference number ready as you'll need to enter it during the payment process.

Notes about making a payment

  • Amount: Please ensure you enter the amount with 2 numbers after the decimal point
    For example - £25 has to be entered as 25.00.
  • Name and Address: Please enter enough details for us to identify you and your payment.
  • Credit Card: We are unable to accept American Express, Diners Club or JCB credit cards.
  • Debit Card: We are unable to accept electron debit cards
  • Receipts: These can be emailed to you, or you have the option to print your receipt once the transaction has been completed.

If your PCN number starts with 'DW085' please click HERE to make a payment

Important - Make sure you press Confirm on the Payment Confirmation page or your payment will not be accepted.