Magistrates Court Summons

The fourth stage in the recovery process is a Magistrates Court Summons.

Why is it sent? It is to tell you that the Council is going to Court to get a Liability Order against you. This is because you are in arrears. It is a legal document that states how much you owe us. It also gives us the power to send your account to the Enforcement Agents. Costs will be added to accounts for the Summons being sent.

What should I do? You must pay the instalments that are showing on the back of the court summons. Alternatively you can pay in full before the Court date.

A Liability Order allows us to take the following action against people who do not pay their Council Tax. It allows us to:

  • demand information about your job or benefits;
  • take money from your wages;
  • take money from certain state benefits;
  • take money from your allowance if you are an elected member of a council;
  • use enforcement agents who may take your goods to sell to cover the amount you owe;
  • ask for a 'charging order' to be made against your property;
  • start bankruptcy proceedings against your property;
  • apply for you to be sent to prison.
  • Some recovery actions increase the amount you owe by adding costs.

Once a Liability Order has been obtained, you will be sent an "After Court" letter. This asks for your income details, and it is a requirement that you complete this form, even if you have already arranged a payment plan. You can either complete the form we have sent you, or use the button below to fill it out online.

Complete the online income form