In August 2022, the Council submitted our investment proposals for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to the Government's Levelling-Up Department.

The investment plan sets out the work that was undertaken to develop a suite of activities. It identifies a range of local needs, the commonality between the Government's objectives and the Council's own local objectives, and demonstrates how our proposals will meet these needs. It also recognises the local governance mechanisms that will be used to oversee the delivery of the programme, ensuring that the projects which the Council and its strategic partners will deliver over the next couple of years will have as significant a positive impact on our businesses and communities as possible.

The 3 themes set out in our investment plan are:

  • Active and Inclusive Travel
  • Agri-tech and Regenerative Farming
  • Wider Business Support and Consultancy

The overarching theme for the programme is to support Clean Economic Growth

The submission to Government was completed through an online portal. The document linked to on this page includes the text that was submitted through the portal.

The programme was approved by Government in December 2022 and wider programme delivery will begin from April 2023.