Rural England Prosperity Fund

Further to the awarding of our UKSPF funding, the Council has also been able to attract over £800,000 of Rural England Prosperity Funding. This is capital funding which will be used to further support our businesses and communities.

The submission to Government included 5 areas of activity:

  • The delivery of ‘quick win’ projects identified through the UKSPF Active Travel activities.
  • Support for businesses to implement parts of their decarbonisation plans delivered through the UKSPF Decarbonisation Plan project.
  • Support for agricultural businesses to adopt new technologies which have been trialled on their sites through the UKSPF Agri-Tech project.
  • Support for businesses to diversify their activities in ways that have a positive environmental impact.
  • Support to make community facilities more resilient, through the delivery of actions that will improve their financial viability, and enable them to deliver activities which will better serve their communities.