Assessments and Award Amounts

Once a completed application is received, the details will be passed on to an advisor within our Housing Benefit Team. The advisor will use the information provided in the application form and any other information available to them to assess the claim. They may also may make contact with the applicant via telephone to discuss the situation in further detail.

The advisor will also take into account all of the circumstances and reasons that led to an application being made. In making a decision on whether to make an award from the scheme and the amount to be awarded the advisor will consider the eligibility criteria and our approach to prioritisation, as well as the funds that we have available at the time of application. Once we have assessed whether the application falls within our eligibility criteria, we will consider whether the applicant meets one or more of our prioritisation criteria.

Our advisors will also consider all the information at their disposal to assess the risk faced by the applicant and the relative priority of their application including:

  • Financial circumstances
  • Access to other forms of financial support
  • Circumstances and reasons for the claim 
  • Preventative measures taken by the applicant or partner
  • Impact of making or not making of the award
  • The budgetary situation of the fund

If the advisor feels that there are sufficient grounds for an award to be made based on priority and vulnerability they will then consider the amount of the award.

Calculating the amount of an award

The assessing advisor will determine the amount of support based on local economic factors and arrangements in place with other agencies/retailers.

It will not always be possible to provide the full amount required due to the limited funds we have available.