Climate Emergency Planning Statement

Information about what new developments in Plymouth and South West Devon need to do to meet the challenge of climate change.

The growing effects of climate change are having a significant impact on communities and there is clear evidence that we need to take action now.

The way we use the planning system, together with Building Regulations, can make a major contribution to tackling climate change. It can help shape new developments and existing places in ways that minimise carbon emissions. It can positively support community resilience to climate impacts, such as increasing temperatures, rising sea levels, increased rainfall and extreme weather events.

This Climate Emergency Planning Statement responds directly to the Climate Emergency declarations issued across Plymouth and South West Devon and identifies exactly what all new development should do to meet the challenge of climate change. It builds on existing planning policies set out within the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan and its supplementary planning document.

It also embraces new standards and proposes new requirements. The mitigation and adaptation measures set out in this planning statement relate only to new development that requires planning permission.

Our Principal Planning Officer on the JLP team, Phil Baker, has produced this short video to guide you through the Climate Emergency Planning Statement. You can click on the bottom left of the video to open a larger view in a new browser window.


Information and Guidance

The following webpages have been jointly been produced between South Ham District Council, West Devon Borough Council and Plymouth City Council to help applicants, agents, homeowners, developers and businesses to understand the requirements.