Development Management and Licensing Committee

Please note, the following guidelines only apply to applications listed on the main schedule in an agenda.

If you wish to address the Development Management and Licensing Committee, you should give notice of your intention no later than three clear working days before the meeting is held. 

It is the Chairman's practice to allow only one supporter and one objector to speak on each application (including if it is deferred for determination to a later meeting). Therefore if a group of you wish to speak, it would be sensible to appoint a spokesperson to speak on your behalf.

You can view the agendas for Development Management and Licensing Committee on our website here.

What's the procedure?

The procedure for speaking during a Development Management and Licensing Committee is as follows:

  • A planning officer will first summarise the case, by reference to a written report.
  • You will then be invited by the Chairman to speak, uninterrupted, for no more than three minutes.
  • You must confine yourself to material planning issues - if you need advice on what these might be, please speak to a planning officer beforehand.
  • You must not make defamatory statements or comment on the procedural issues - this can be dealt with via the Council's Complaints Procedure.
  • Following this, you may be asked questions by the Committee. This is simply to ensure complete understanding of your points - it is not a cross-examination.
  • The Committee will then debate the case and make a decision.

Additional information

The Chairman has absolute discretion to limit the number of speakers on any application and will not allow papers to be circulated at, or tabled prior to, a Committee meeting.

Car Parking

Please note: Car parking spaces at Kilworthy Park are limited, therefore please allow time in case you have to park elsewhere.